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At The Strategic Image, we know that to wind up in the Winner's Circle, you must run the smartest race. Today, that means only one thing: You must become a Master Storyteller in court. 


Gone are the days when it's enough to present a strong fact pattern through oral argument and witness testimony alone. Modern jurors are a whole new breed. To reach them you need a new set of skills.


Twenty-first century jurors come to court programmed by decades of TV-watching, movie-going, and surfing the 'Net. They need visuals to process and retain case information  and need the narrative of a story to put evidence into context and understand what it means. Fail to provide visuals and jurors will forget key facts. Fail to tell a story and jurors may misunderstand your case. 

To ensure that you meet the cognitive needs of modern jurors, we help you craft a persuasive story, illustrate it with powerful legal graphics, and present it with the skill and flair it takes to win. In other words, we focus on the six (6) key areas of trial preparation that are crucial to your success:  


The Masterful Way to WIN in Court

Our 1-Hour CLE teaches you how to

minimize the unpredictability of the verdict

and maximize the odds you'll win.


For a trial lawyer, winning is everything. But winning can be an elusive goal. All too often jurors misunderstand evidence, forget case information, discount witness testimony, and find for the opposition’s client, not yours. 


At The Strategic Image, we solve these problems so that the verdict you get is the verdict you want.

How do we do it?  We do it by exploiting the wisdom of social science research and deploying the storytelling techniques perfected by Hollywood and television news.
In other words, we ensure that our clients deliver concise, cohesive, emotionally compelling courtroom narratives that minimize the unpredictability of the verdict and maximize the odds they’ll win. Like winning racehorses, our clients arrive at the finish line well ahead of the pack. 


How can we maximize your odds of winning your very next case?  Click below to schedule a FREE 90-Minute, No Obligation Consultation and find out. You'll get the benefit of our expert insight and our decades of experience at absolutely no cost or risk to you. 


As a trial attorney, you know that experienced trial and jury consultants and skilled graphics artists can help you make a big impact in court. You also know your client has a budget.

At The Strategic Image, we're ever-mindful of your budget, so we've designed our business model to provide top-tier trial consulting and superb legal graphics at a price your clients can afford. Drawing from a pool of highly experienced litigation professionals (many of whom we've worked with for years), we carefully match skills,  talent, and services to the specific demands of your job,  assembling a team custom-tailored to your needs. We direct the team's efforts, supervise their work, and manage their time, but send only one, all-inclusive, bill to you. You get your "Dream Team," but avoid the administrative hassle of managing individual vendors and eliminate the pain of subsidizing corporate overhead and employee benefits in every bill.

Better yet, we don't send marketing teams to your office. (Who's got the time for that?)  Instead, we...

Founder and Principal Trial Consultant,  Karyn J. Taylor

Karyn J. Taylor comes to the legal field after a long and distinguished career in broadcast journalism. A former Producer/Director/Writer for CBS News' 60 Minutes, ABC News' 20/20 and Closeup, PBS' Frontline and more, Karyn is a Trial Consultant and master storyteller with 25 years of experience crafting concise, emotionally compelling stories for film, television, print, and court. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Wellesley College and a recipient of Stanford University's prestigious John S. Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists who has won over fifteen journalism and filmmaking awards and has been nominated for two EMMY's, the Writer's Guild Award, the Humanitas Prize, and the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award. In 2004, Karyn became a Finalist (top 10 out of 6,073 entries) in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting---the equivalent, for a budding screenwriter, of being nominated for an Oscar by the very people who award the Oscars.

Photo of Karyn J. Taylor

Karyn was introduced to the field of Trial Consulting while covering a product liability lawsuit for 60 Minutes. She...

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