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Please read carefully.

Thank you for visiting The Strategic Image. We hope you will enjoy our site. By accessing this web site you are, in effect, agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

Copyright and Trademark

This site belongs to the trial consulting and legal graphics firm, The Strategic Image, and the copyright to the contents of this site is owned solely by The Strategic Image

Users may download informational text from this site for their own personal, non-commercial use only and provided all copyright notices of The Strategic Image embedded therein are displayed and kept intact. Any other copying, re-creating, redistributing, using, borrowing, or publishing of any part of this site, including but not limited to the graphics and photographs displayed herein, in any manner whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

Any non-personal information, communication, or material you submit to The Strategic Image's TSI LIBRARY page on this site or submit by e-mail through this site will be deemed non-confidential and The Strategic Image will be free to use and reproduce such information at its sole discretion and for any purpose without compensation to the party submitting said information. By submitting non-personal information, you are also warranting that you own the copyright to the material/content submitted, that said content is not defamatory, and that The Strategic Image's use will not violate any third party's rights. The Strategic Image is under no obligation to use any non-personal information submitted.

With the exception of The Jury Expert's logo and the cover of the Create the Business Breakthrough book cover page shown on the TSI Library page of this site, the trademarks, logos, characters, and service marks (collectively "Trademarks") displayed on belong solely to The Strategic Image. Nothing contained on this web site should be construed as granting any license or right to any other party to use any Trademark displayed on this web site. Your use/misuse of the Trademarks displayed on this web site and/or any other content on this web site, except as provided in these Terms & Conditions, is strictly prohibited. You are also hereby advised that The Strategic Image will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, up to and including criminal prosecution.


In general, The Strategic Image does not object to inbound links to this web site from third party sites. However, you must abide by the following rules: 


Unless we have a written agreement with you, you may not use any of The Strategic Image's trademarks, logos, or slogans in or with your links, except that you may link to this site using the plain text name of the site. Do not present the link to this site in any way that suggests The Strategic Image has any relationship or affiliation with your site or endorses, sponsors, or recommends the information, products, or services offered on your site unless you have a specific written agreement with The Strategic Image giving you permission to do so. Link only to the HOME page of this site.

Do not, without The Strategic Image's express written permission:

(a) Incorporate any content from this site into your site (e.g., by in-lining or framing) or by quoting or paraphrasing any portions of the text from this site onto your site;

(b) Use any of The Strategic Image's names, trademarks, slogans, or any other words or codes identifying The Strategic Image's web site in any "metatag" or in any other information used by search engines or information location tools to identify and select sites. The Strategic Image will not tolerate links from any obscene, scandalous, profane, defamatory, or unlawful site, or from any site that may adversely affect the name, brand, reputation, and/or goodwill of The Strategic Image company, its principals, employees, clients, and products. The Strategic Image reserves the right to cancel permission to link at any time, for any reason.

E-mail us at to ask permission to use our content, trademarks, or logos in your link to this site. Permission to do so, if granted, will be granted at our sole discretion and said permission will need to be re-issued should you alter, change, or re-do your site and/or change the nature of your business in any material way.

Jurisdictional Issues:

The Strategic Image's products, materials, offers, and information appearing on this web site are intended for use by U.S. customers. This site is controlled by The Strategic Image from its offices in the Chicago, IL area of the United States. The Strategic Image makes no representation that the information or materials provided on this site is/are appropriate or available for use by law firms or attorneys from or in any other countries or by attorneys working under codes of law other than those in use in the United States.


The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Every courtroom, every fact pattern, and every case is different and warrants its own careful analysis and study. The Strategic Image makes no predictions of trial outcomes in any case, nor should any prediction of a specific trial outcome be inferred from reading the information provided herein or from employing the techniques outlined on this site. 


Similarly, no client/consultant relationship is or will be created with visitors to this web site solely by said visitors accessing this site, emailing us, or employing the techniques mentioned or recommended herein. If you are a licensed trial attorney practicing in the United States and would like to explore the possibility of becoming a client of The Strategic Image, please call (773) 783-5900. We take cases in venues across the country.

Privacy Policy:

The Strategic Image collects only that personal information which is voluntarily entered onto our CONTACT US, SCHEDULE A FREE 90-MINUTE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION, and BOOK A WINNING BY DESIGN CLE sign-up pages and uses that personal information solely for responding to visitor requests for our products and/or services. We may, however, re-use those email addresses in the future to notify Site visitors of new or additional services we may offer the legal community from time-to-time. All personal information voluntarily entered on this web site's interactive pages will be held in strictest confidence by The Strategic Image and will never be sold by us or made available to any third parties by us for any reason, unless compelled to do so by law enforcement authorities or to comply with applicable law.  

Professional Code of Conduct:

The Strategic Image adheres to the Professional Code of Conduct adopted by the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC), details of which can be found at:

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