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Get a Dedicated Team Handpicked for Your Needs


As a trial attorney, you know that experienced trial consultants and skilled graphics artists can help you make a big impact in court. You also know your client has a budget.

At The Strategic Image, we provide top-flight trial consulting and superb legal graphics at a price your clients can afford.  Drawing from a large pool of highly experienced litigation industry professionals (many of whom we've worked with for years), we carefully match skills, talent, and services to the specific demands of your job and field a team custom-tailored to your needs.  We guide the team's efforts, supervise their work and manage their time, but submit only one bill to you. You get the "Dream Team,"  but avoid the administrative hassle and the pain of subsidizing corporate overhead and employee benefits in every bill.

Best of all, we don't send marketing personnel to your office. We come prepared to work. We ask potential clients to send us pleadings before we meet so that we arrive fully familiar with your case and able to provide valuable guidance right from the start. If, after our meeting, you decide to hire us (and we think you will), we'll bill our normal consulting fees for the time spent reviewing the file. But even if you decide to go another direction, you'll have gained from our insight and expertise at absolutely no cost to you.  


We invite you to investigate Our Services then                       to make a fast break out of the starting gate on your next trip to court.

Low angle photo of race horses' legs as they break from the starting gate.

The Strategic Image team brought a level of experience and knowledge to the table when preparing our visual presentation at trial that cannot be matched. With their help, our client obtained a $6.4 million judgment.

Ali Salamirad, Esq.


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