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Become the Dynamic Orator You Need to Be


A skilled courtroom orator holds the judge spellbound and the jury rapt. Weaving case facts and evidence into a brilliant and dramatic story, masterfully told, he decimates his opponent with the sheer force of his words. 


If you've ever wished you had such oratory skill, take heart. Not every gifted speaker is to the manner born. Good courtroom presentation skills are usually an acquired art---an art born of study and practice that you have, ideally, mastered long before you appear on any courtroom "stage."  

But top litigators hoping to perform their best in court don't leave their performances to chance. They do as "A-List” actors, aspiring vocalists, and professional athletes do: they hire a coach. 

Image of an audience in rapt attention to a presenter.

The coach becomes their sounding board, sparring partner, surrogate judge or jury, and best friend all rolled into one. He tells them what they need to know, but may not want to hear. She calms their pretrial jitters and gets them in the "zone."

Image of a skilled speaker at the podium.

The communications professionals at The Strategic Image have coached public speakers at every skill level and from every walk of life. We’ve helped trial lawyers deliver skillful Openings and Closings; trained expert witnesses to deliver scientifically accurate testimony in layman's English; prepped corporate execs to give inspiring keynote speeches; coached stage actors for Off-Broadway performances, and have helped everyone from network news correspondents to "Ordinary Joe's" shine in the spotlight. 

Research shows that litigators who present cases with confidence, skill, and passion have a positive and measurable impact on how the jury votes. 

If you're ready to improve your courtroom presentation skills, we can help you…

  • Hone your message

  • Conquer your nerves

  • Rivet the jury's attention

  • Boost your credibility

  • Take command of the courtroom, the case, and your career


Orchestrate your dress rehearsals, so your command performance brings rave reviews: 

A graphic link to the article, 21 Things a Skilled Orator Never Does

I send this to thank you for your extraordinary efforts on the Sandra Day O'Connor presentation. The hard work and professionalism you contributed to the final product was truly impressive. Your experience and judgment were invaluable.... You should be proud of what we accomplished.

Terry W. Bird, Esq. 


I want to thank you so much for your excellent presentation last Tuesday to the American Society of Civil Engineers--Forensic Group! I have received many positive comments on the program including that it is one of the best programs we have ever had. Your insights into effective courtroom presentation techniques were valuable to the members of our association, the graphics were spectacular, and your co-presenter, Alex, gave a fascinating account about the case. 

Gavriel Berghouse, S.E.  


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