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We Train Experts to Help, Not Hurt, Your Case

Ever have a witness fall apart on the stand? Or spew so much techno-babble, your jurors tuned out?  If you are a trial attorney, the answer is probably, “yes.” Every litigator has seen his share of witnesses "go south."


To guard against such disasters, you “prep” your witness carefully, but often watch that very witness perform worst of all. The problem lies not in prepping, per se, but in focusing on what the witness will say without adequately addressing the underlying mindset that may sabotage his performance on the stand. 

A witness's hand on the Bible.
A photo of race horses breaking from the starting gate.

At The Strategic Image, we prepare witnesses to perform as well in court as they do in your office. By recognizing the personality traits that define them, minimizing the anxieties that plague them, and re-framing the mindset with which they come to court, we motivate witnesses to focus more on your needs at trial than they do on their own.  


In other words, we help witnesses:


  • Meet the goals you've set for their testimony 

  • Focus on educating the jury, not on impressing their peers

  • Testify without nervous tics or distracting movements

  • Project confidence and credibility

  • Deliver compelling testimony that helps, not hurts, your case

Scratch bad performances at the starting gate.  To make sure your witnesses run a winning race,                          .

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