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The Masterful Way to Win in Court 




  • Why lawyers really lose cases (it’s not why you think)

  • How the jury pool has changed (and what you must do  in response)

  • What law school never taught you (that you must know to win)​

  • Why standard trial presentation techniques create a huge disconnect with jurors

  • What jurors need from you (that will help them help you)

  • Five storytelling techniques Hollywood uses that you can use to get the verdict you want.

When you become a Master Storyteller in court, your win ratio soars. How do you become a master storyteller? You tap the wisdom gleaned from decades of social science research and employ the narrative techniques perfected by Hollywood screenwriters and television news.  


Veteran broadcast journalist (60 Minutes, 20/20, Frontline), award-winning screenwriter, and experienced Trial Consultant, Karyn J. Taylor of The Strategic Image will show you how to do exactly that. Karyn works with trial attorneys who want to win cases, not by chance, not just by smart "lawyering," but by design. She turns trial lawyers into powerful storytellers who can minimize the unpredictability of the verdict and maximize the odds they’ll win, not just when the stars align, not just on a “good” day, but each and every time they go to court. 

A head shot of the "Winning by Design" CLE presenter, Karyn J. Taylor

To boost your win ratio (and that of all the attorneys at your firm), schedule a FREE presentation of Karyn’s eye-opening, one-hour CLE, WINNING BY DESIGN: The Masterful Way to Win Court. During the hour, you will learn:

A jury box.

Why wait a moment longer to learn the secrets to giving a masterful performance in court? Schedule a FREE "WINNING BY DESIGN" CLE at your firm and maximize the odds of winning your very next case.



"Karyn - 

I wanted to send a belated thanks to you for your outstanding presentation at the IICLE [Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education] program in June. My expectations were high, but you absolutely shattered them. Feedback from attendees was outstanding.... You will help lawyers become better advocates and obtain better results for their clients...."

Thomas W. Dillon


Geneva, IL

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