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Frame the Narrative that Will Help You WIN

Facts and evidence alone don’t win cases. Research shows it's the most compelling story that sways the jury’s vote. 


But crafting a winning case story can be tricky. With all the facts and evidence before you and with so many parties involved, whose point of view do you choose? Which evidence should you feature? Which details can you lose?

Let our professional storytellers help you tackle the most important task you face in court: crafting a persuasive case story that touches hearts and changes minds. We’ve been turning fact patterns into powerful stories for over 25 years. Let us help you structure a narrative that rivets the jury's attention, answers their questions, engenders empathy for your client, and convinces the Trier-of-Fact that justice will be served only when your client wins. 

A graphic of the words "Once upon a time..." written in a flowing script
A grinning lawyer sits outside a courthouse savoring his win.

In other words, we'll help you:

  • Frame the case to your client's advantage

  • Find the strongest psychological "hook"  

  • Strategically apportion blame and responsibility

  • Inoculate against "bad" case facts 

  • Build the story to an emotional climax

  • Compel jurors to "buy-in" to your client's point-of-view

Don’t bury your winning story under a “mountain of evidence" that research shows may be insufficient to sway the jury's vote.   

                        to rewrite the drama of your next trip to court. 


Thanks Karyn -- and thanks for all your help and guidance. You were an essential part of this victory!

Mark Shipow, Esq.


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