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Maximize Your Odds on Every Case


Trial consultants help win cases. That’s why litigators hire them (and clients pay for them) when the stakes are high.  


But calling in the cavalry on only the “bet-the-firm” cases is a business practice litigation firms can ill afford. Huge cases make headlines, but it’s your win ratio on the bread and butter cases that lures clients through the door and boosts your bottom line. 


To thrive, a litigation firm must make winning the centerpiece of its business development strategy and pull out the stops on every case, every time. But how do you “pull out the stops” when the case is small and its budget, smaller still? We asked ourselves that very question and found a practical solution.  

An image of clients meeting with their consulting team.
A visual analogy showing that like a doctor, a Trial Consultant is "in" during office hours.

Private Counsel is an easy and cost-effective way to access “big-budget” trial consulting on cases large, small, and in between. For a lot less than you might think, you can have our experts on-site on a regular basis to help your trial teams:

  • Hammer out case strategies

  • Frame case narratives

  • Develop case themes 

  • Practice Openings and Closings

  • Plan litigation graphics

  • Prep fact and expert witnesses 

  • Prepare for media interviews

Whether you want our help once a month, twice a week, or somewhere in between, we'll boost your odds of winning every case you try. 

To pursue a business development strategy that delivers the best ROI there is,                         .  After all, why run the race if you don’t plan to win?

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