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Storytelling in Court 

At The Strategic Image, we know that to wind up in the Winner's Circle, you must run the smartest race. Today, that means only one thing: You must become a Master Storyteller in court. 


Gone are the days when it's enough to present a strong fact pattern through oral argument and witness testimony alone. Modern jurors

are a whole new breed. To reach them, you need a new set of skills. 


Twenty-first Century jurors come to court programmed by decades of TV-watching, movie-going, and surfing the 'Net. They need visuals to process and retain case information and need the narrative of a story to put the evidence into context and understand what it means. Fail to provide visuals and jurors will forget key facts. Fail to tell a story and jurors may misunderstand your case.

Photo of a lawyer exhuberantly delivering his Closing Argument to a jury.

To ensure that you meet the cognitive needs of modern jurors, we help you craft a persuasive story, illustrate it with powerful legal graphics, and present it with the skill and flair it takes to win. In other words, we focus on the six (6) key areas of trial preparation that are crucial to your success:




Facts and evidence alone don’t win cases. Research shows it’s the most compelling story that sways the jury’s vote. 


But crafting a winning case story can be tricky.  Given all the facts and evidence, not to mention all the parties involved, whose point of view do you highlight? Which evidence do you feature? Which details can you lose?

Let our professional storytellers help you tackle the most important task you face: crafting a persuasive case story that touches hearts and changes minds. We’ve been turning fact patterns into powerful stories for over 25 years. We'll help you structure a narrative that rivets the jury's attention, answers their questions, creates empathy for your client, and convinces the Trier-of-Fact that justice will be served only when your client wins. 

In other words, we'll help you...



Gifted public speakers all know: it's how you start and finish that truly matter most. From your very first words of Opening Statement to the last Closing argument you make, every sentence you utter moves you closer to---or farther from---the verdict you want. Yet far too many litigators squander oral argument repeating useless bromides that will never help win their case.   

At The Strategic Image, we believe in capitalizing on your limited time "at bat." So rather than just improve your oratory skills, we...

Photo of a  dart board with a dart in the "bullseye" position.



A good story, well told, is great to hear. But it's very hard to remember. Just try retelling a tale heard a few days ago and you’ll see how hard it is. 

Trial attorneys who present oral argument and witness testimony only are asking jurors to perform the same difficult task--with equally disappointing results. Many a so-called "surprise" verdict has resulted when jurors ignored witness testimony they didn't understand or dismissed oral argument they couldn't remember. 


The reason is simple: like most people, jurors are audio-visual learners. They process and retain information best when it's delivered aurally and visually. In other words, jurors forget what they hear, but remember what they see.


But adding pretty pictures to your presentation is not enough. To truly combat "aural amnesia" you... 



A skilled courtroom orator holds the judge spellbound and the jury rapt. Weaving case facts and evidence into a brilliant and dramatic story, masterfully told, he decimates his opponent with the sheer force of his words. 


If you've ever wished you had such oratory skill, take heart. Not every gifted speaker is to the manner born. Good presentation skills are usually an acquired art---one born of study and practice that, ideally, you've mastered long before you appear on any courtroom "stage."  

But top litigators who wish to perform their best in court don't leave their performances to chance. They do as "A-List” actors, gifted vocalists, and professional athletes do: they... 



Ever have a witness fall apart on the stand? Or spew so much techno-babble, your jurors tuned out?  If you are a trial attorney, the answer is probably, “yes.” Every litigator has seen his share of witnesses "go south."


To guard against such disasters, you

“prep” your witness carefully, but often watch that very witness perform worst of all. The problem lies not in prepping, per se, but in focusing on what the witness will say without adequately addressing the underlying mindset that may sabotage his performance on the stand. 

At The Strategic Image, we prepare witnesses to perform as well in court as they do in your office. By recognizing the...



It is arguably one of a trial lawyer’s greatest fears: to lose a case in the media before jury deliberations even begin. Thus lawyer after lawyer utters a terse “No comment!” to the gaggle of reporters on the courthouse steps—and promptly shoots him- or herself in the foot.


Why does saying “No comment!” backfire?  Because refusing to talk to the news media never kills the story. It just gives your more media-savvy opponent a chance to program the jury pool during the six o’clock news. 

In truth, facing the cameras during a high-profile trial is not ill-advised. It is merely inevitable. Whether you like it or not, you are an eyewitness to a major news event and the press will seek you out. That becomes problematic only if... 


A Cost-Effective Service for Litigation Firms and Practices

Top-flight trial consulting needn't be cost-effective on just your "bet-the-firm" cases. To affordably access the same game-changing professional expertise even when you're litigating medium-sized or small cases too, check out our Private Counsel service. We custom-tailor our services to your specific needs so that winning becomes cost-effective, no matter the size of your case.

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