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The 2-Day Storytelling Intensive that will Supercharge Your Career!




Karyn J. Taylor

Friday and Saturday, December 6 - 7, 2019

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

at The Chicago Bar Association

321 S. Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60604

12 IL MCLE Credits

(Pending approval)


Here's your opportunity to PRACTICE all of the techniques you learned in the Winning by Design CLE today:  

  • Hooking factfinders with your Inciting Incident

  • Creating empathy through Character Arcs

  • Adding drama with rising action during Case-in-Chief and Rebuttal

  • Crafting compelling throughlines that highlight the human story

  • Planting "road signs" to keep factfinders on track

Now learn even MORE in this 2-Day Intensive as you develop case stories for three (3) fact patterns, work in teams, and go head to head with your "opposing counsel."  Working in a safe, no pressure, non-judgmental environment, you'll deepen your knowledge of Hollywood's 3-Act structure, and learn how to handle the complexity inherent in every case.


That includes learning:

  • All the rest of Hollywood's tricks-of-the-trade

  • How to Storyboard your entire case presentation

  • Key psychological transitions to look for in Character Arcs

  • The secret ingredient in all of Hollywood's best movies 

Best of all, you'll get:

  • Easy-to-use templates (Hollywood calls them “Beat Sheets”) you can use long after class is

                          over to design winning presentations, all on your own 

  • Best Practices from top Trial & Jury Consultants for doing trial prep, witness prep,

                          trial graphics, and more 

  • All the individual attention and ongoing support you'll need to ensure that

                          you'll be well on your way to becoming a Master Storyteller in court!

Screenplay image.jpg

Now it could take you many years of study and practice to learn what I have simplified and codified for you here, and doing so would cost you a fortune in time and money (it did me)!  But because I feel we're all in this together, I'm offering you all of the above (a $3500 value) for the unbelievably low,  all-inclusive,* introductory price of:




So if you’re ready to spend two of the most rewarding and enlightening days of your legal career AND emerge battle-tested, re-energized, and empowered, join us for this class. I promise: it will be one of the best gifts you’ll give your clients, your firm, and your career this year!  Or your money back.

$ 897

* Price includes all course materials plus a box lunch and refreshments both days.

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